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Your dream holiday in New Zealand

Tailor-made itinerary

New Zealand is a country that has a lot to offer, therefore it can be very overwhelming when planning a trip to this country. I would like make this easier for you and make sure you get the most out of your trip by creating a travel itinerary that really suits you. This is based on your wishes, interests, budget, bucket list, the time of the year and the transportation you want to take. The only thing I won’t do for you is book anything, this way you keep the freedom to stay somewhere longer or shorter and have control over your holiday. It will be a detailed guideline for your journey through New Zealand.

What is included?
  • A mapped out route based on your wishes
  • General information about the destinations
  • Activities per destination based on your interests
  • Accommodation options per destination based on your budget
  • Information about traveling between the destinations and what to see along the way
  • Personal tips based on your route
  • Last minute tips and info when you are traveling (keep in mind the time difference)
  • Advice on transport (if necessary)
How does it work?

In order to make a travel plan that really suits you, I have to get to know you. This can be done by means of a questionnaire or a conversation by telephone or Skype (20 to 30 minutes). If I think I have enough information about you, I will start creating the travel itinerary. As soon as I have put together a travel itinerary, I will send it to you as a PDF file, so you can easily open it while traveling. Of course you then have the opportunity to ask questions if something is unclear and we can make adjustments if necessary. During your trip I am also available for questions.

Makoha New Zealand

Hi! I am Nadeche, the face behind Makoha. I love New Zealand, it is such a beautiful country that has so much to offer. My goal is to help you have an amazing time in New Zealand, whether that is for a few weeks or even a few months. Curious to know how Makoha started? Click on the button below.

What does it cost?

The costs for this service depends on the duration of your trip. For a trip of 1 week I ask € 70, for a trip of 2 weeks € 100, for 3 weeks € 120 and for 4 weeks € 135. Are you going longer than 4 weeks? Then we can have a chat about the price. For this price you get a very extensive itinerary so you can get the most out of your holiday. For most people New Zealand is a far destination, where you will only go once in your life. Will you get the most out of it?

Free information to plan your trip yourself

Are you someone who likes to plan your own trip? I completely understand. That is exactly why I have so much information on my website to help you with your dream holiday to New Zealand. Are you working on your holiday but do you have any questions, are you wondering if your route is feasible, looking for nice stops on the way, do you need help looking for the right camper, or something else? Please feel free to send me a message!

All the information you can find on the information I give away for free. But I would really like it if you could help me a little. I earn money through “affiliate links”, these are links to companies such as and Sunnycars. If you book something through these links, I will receive a small percentage of your booking. However, this does not cost you anything extra! It will be the exact same prices that you will pay if you go directly to their website. Below are the affiliates I work with. Thanks in advance and have an amazing holiday!

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