New Zealand

Is a beautiful country that has a lot to offer. The amazing nature is its biggest attraction. With its beaches, lakes, mountains, caves and marine life, this is a great place to enjoy nature. In addition, there is also a rich Maori culture. You can see this in daily life, as well as in various museums. Moreover, New Zealand is putting itself on the map when it comes to events. Festivals such as Rhythm and Alps, Splore and Crankworx are internationally known and attract many tourists. The country is also known for extreme activities such as bungee jumping, skydiving, rafting, mountain biking, tobogganing and much more. These activities can be found all over the country, but Queenstown is the main hub for this. On this website you will find information about popular destinations, fun activities, important information to prepare for your trip and more fun facts in the blogs. I can also help you plan your dream holiday to New Zealand! Whether you want a personalised travel itinerary or just have some questions, I am happy to help you. Read more about my services here.

Exciting destinations

Whether you are going to travel on the North or the South Island, New Zealand is filled with amazing destinations.

Did you know…

A small hill on the North Island is the proud owner of the longest place name in the world:

Amazing activities

Whether you are looking for active, relaxing, educational or exciting activities, New Zealand has it all!

Did you know…

Wherever you are in New Zealand, you are never more than 128 km (80 miles) away from the sea.

Experience something new

The great thing about travelling is experiencing and seeing new things. New Zealand is the perfect place to get over your fears and experience something new. For example, have you ever jumped out of an airplane? or would you like to swim with dolphins? It’s all possible in New Zealand!

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